Pyramid Quest for Immortality

The ancient Egyptians were very conscious of the afterlife and this made them build a whole culture around the myth. The ancient Egyptians were also obsessed with immortality and this makes them develop a tradition that preserves the dead bodies of their Pharaoh. Also, the culture request that the Pharaohs are buried with several treasures since they will need it when they come back to life in the after life. Now, with over several centuries pass, their legacy is still very visible for the eye to see To find out more about playing online casino games, you should check out netent-casinos

Themes and settings check

The slot game is created based on the ancient Egyptian theme. This signified the culture of Egyptians in the medieval times. They prepare the corpse of their Pharaohs to stay for ages in a process called mummification. The idea is to make them live without expectation of death. As the Pharaohs quest for immortality, Netent has opened a window into this ancient Egyptian culture for players to be part of. This is teh reason the game was created. From this game, you will catch a glimpse of what really goes on and as you explore you will be rewarded with several treasures. Check out to read more.

  • Some of the features of teh game include
  • Multiplier
  • Wild substitution

This game has a rather unusual reel design. It has 5 reels but each rows on the reel is not equal to the adjacent one. The change in design was on purpose and this is to depict a pyramid structure on the reel. With the removal of the top parts on the reel, the reel falls into a pyramid structure which matches the hall found on the background of the game. The rows then have a structure in the 3-4-5-4-3 manner. I hope you are getting the picture now. Also, in addition to this irregularity, the slot game offers a 720 pay lines combination.

This is one of the highest in slot game history. With this massive winning combinations, you get the chance to increase your winning potential as you spin. You get to easily spoil the treasures buried with the mummified Pharaohs. This is a good reward for being bold to explore the ancient pyramid ruins. You get a coin win when you get a winning combination at any position. To get started playing the game, you will need to set the levels and coin value. The level determine the size of the bet. A high level means a high bet for each round

Coin value, Autoplay, Bonus and symbols

The coin value can also be adjusted. This determines the size of each coin. A high coin value means that the coins will have a high value when you have a coin win. This is good only that, the number of coins you will be able to buy will also be minimal. Let us consider the bonus by this game. One of the prominent bonus is the wilds. The wild symbol substitutes every other symbol. The wild symbol can land on the reel when you spin or it can also be generated from wild generation forming on the reel.

A wild generation involves symbols in a winning combination found on reels 2, 3 and 4. When this occurs, the reels are automatically turned into a wild and this forms the next avalanche. The representation of the wild symbol is the ankh symbol. An associated bonus feature is the avalanche multiplier. This increases with successive avalanches. The avalanche multiplier increases by one for every three avalanches. The multiplier can go as high as 10 x multiplier. This game is just amazing, this is the reason you should check it out to see all it offers. Play Pyramid Quest for Immortality today.